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Start Here

I often claim that a blog is like a living extension of one's self. Sometimes not everything is obvious, so, I created this page to guide you through this extension of mine.

The Good Stuff

This blog exists for nearly 10 years, I definitely want to show you some evergreens.

It's not that they have received the most attention. These are just important concepts and reminders that you should be aware of. Here you go:

(This list is work-in-progress, as I am still rewriting some old content.)

What you'll find here

As stated in the history of this blog, this blog has seen many iterations, but with this one we have a reached a state with way more clarity.

There are some main categories in this blog, that are loosely based in the roles or environments I see myself in.


Everything that has to with being a leader, becoming a leader and helping people grow.


Experiences, thoughts, challenges, and a bit of sense-making for me.


Here I will write about how I do certain things, everything from certain workflows, to techniques. Right now, maybe a bit broad.

Nerd Life

Here go the nerdy details. Things were we all pretend they don't matter, but we are all still interested in.